Often I hear a book described on NPR and then head straight to my public library website to request it.  Take the Lead by Betsy Myers was worth the wait and I would love to share a few quotes so that you can see if it is right for you.

Page 4:  “From what I’ve observed, genuine leadership is not something that magically happens because we’ve been handed a certain position or roles to play.  It is a quality we nurture in ourselves, regardless of our job or station in life.  It is a function not of title, academic degrees, or access to power, but of how we treat and connect with the people around us.”

Page 18: “… it is those times in our lives when we are freaking out with joy that give us the greatest clues about who we are and where we genuinely belong.”

I love that the book has a “How to Take the Lead” section at the end of each chapter titled:  Authenticity, Connection, Respect, Clarity, etc….  A good easy read with some guidance for those ready to take it.

She concludes, “Often we don’t live as consciously as we could.  It is so easy to slip into autopilot and forget that the people we meet along out path are human beings with emotions like ourselves…  Imagine a world where people felt valued, appreciated, and understood, both at work at home.  It’s a beautiful thought.”