My daughter was assigned this book for reading over the summer.  I knew a little about it from the cover and having come across it a few  years earlier. Published in 2003 as a mystery novel by British writer Mark Haddon, it is a must read for anyone interested in autism. (The main character is 15 year-old autistic genius Christopher Boone.)  This is a profoundly moving story about adolescence, fractured families, mathematics, colors and lights – and of course it is a mystery!

Just recently we were delighted to learn of a NATIONAL THEATRE OF LONDON CAPTURED LIVE adaption of the book.  We were able to see it in Madison, WI.  The staging of a book that is primarily a person’s thoughts, was absolutely amazing.

From a review in the guardian, the adaption is well-described:  “First he has a teacher (Niamh Cusack) reading aloud the story that 15-year-old Christopher Boone has fashioned from his Holmes-like investigation into the killer of his neighbour’s dog; then, against Christopher’s wishes, the novel is turned into a play. This not only frames the action, but also sets up a rich tension between fiction’s invention and the obsession with facts, forensics and systemised data that is a symptom of Christopher’s autism. His mathematical mind is also brilliantly reflected in Bunny Christie’s design of glowing geometric grids, and in Paule Constable’s lighting, which conveys the hero’s love of the night sky.”

Another review in The Independent is also enlightening.

If you learn it is being shown on film or live anywhere n teh midwest – please let me know!