More than you really want to know about music is blogged about daily by “The Well-Tempered Ear.”  I love the play on words in the blog’s name and frankly love the abundance of information provided by Jacob Stockinger.

I went to peruse his blog archive, so that I could be informed about its origins and share that as I champion his work myself.  In his very first post I learned that the blog is named after the so-called “Old Testament” of classical music, Johann Sebastian Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier,” his revolutionary two books of 48 preludes and fugues for the keyboard in all major and minor keys. And is info, Beethoven’s 32 piano sonatas are referred to as “The New Testament.”  I learned this reading blog posit number one.

I personally have been following “the Ear” for over a year, maybe longer.  This past July was especially fun as I was was able to track my own child’s trip with the Wisconsin Youth Orchestra in Europe (beginning on July 7, 2012) and somewhat vicariously travel along with the WYSO guest blogger.  The Youth Orchestra, the premiere performing group of the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras, traveled with conductor James Smith to Prague, Vienna and Budapest from July 7 through July 17Also in July I was also able to read about a friend, Jerry Hui, an amazing young man who is a computer “geek” and a composer!

As “The Ear” has often noted, Madison is a city with great classical entertainment.  Stay informed on upcoming events, learn about composers and musicians and read candid reviews written for The Well Tempered Ear.   We are very fortunate!