For two weeks I have been tracking my pedometer readings on my blog.  I am happy to report that my average for those 14 consecutive days was 12,191 steps (20% more than the recommended 10,000 steps a day).  In case you are curious, my lowest count was on a very sedentary desk day (3,582 steps) and my highest day included several trips to the basement for the laundry and walking to evening dining (nearly 19,000 steps).

So now I’m setting my sites on a consistent goal of 13,000 steps a day and I’ll track it here!

However, before I start the list I want to note that anecdotally it would appear that the work days with the higher step counts are the days I went “out to lunch.”  This is the basis for my argument that eating out has an important health benefit – it gets you OUT of your chair.  What do you think?

On days I don’t meet a friend for lunch, I am totally sedentary from 9 to 5.  My hands are on the keyboard and my eyes on the screen, with only an occasional stretch when the lights in my work space (monitored by motion detectors) turn off due to inactivity.  Usually it does take the out-of-the-office “meeting” to motivate me to head out.  These friendly lunch “meetings” obviously have another health benefit – a visit with a friend in the middle of the work day is stimulating and refreshing.  So I proclaim: “EAT lunch OUT: it is the healthy alternative.”

For this two week tracking I am going to take note of the days I go out to meet someone for lunch and the days I do not.  Of course my goal is to get in as much time on my feet on the days I have a brown bag lunch as on the days I don’t.

The pedometer experiment continues…

Oct. 21:  12,781 (short by 219, however, by the time I’m done getting ready for bed I’ll be there.)
Oct. 22:  13,098
Oct. 23: 14,402  A couple trips to the 4th floor and a walk to a nearby building to read, not to mention up and down the stairs for laundry tonight makes for passing the goal!
On vacation….
so poor recording and walking…
Oct. 24:  drove 8 hours… so did about 9,000 steps before and after.
Oct. 25:  Walked in the mall a bunch, over 13,000, but I failed to write it down.
Oct. 26:  Spent most of the day at a music contest and then a movie – busy day, but not too physical…
Oct. 27:  shopping with two teenagers – over 16,000 steps!
Oct. 28:  Road trip home again, followed by some activity so 9,318 for the day.

For the days with counts… average of 12,514.  There is room for improvement…

STILL room for improvement – closed out the week:
10/31:  12,866
11/1:    12,286
11/2:      9,678
Weekend – ~6,000 on Saturday and not counted on Sunday.  Time to regroup!