It is so simple to make a great latte at home – I can hardly believe the coffee shops are still in business.  Here are my tools – and trust me they are inexpensive and it takes less time than creating this post to tell you about it.  Or skip the directions and jump to the end for gift suggestion.

  1. Grab a handful of beans – I store mine in the jar on right – it is air tight!
  2. Grind them in the Cuisinart grinder – I have had this for years, but it is still under $20.
  3. Put the ground coffee in the basket of the Mr. Coffee.  (Amazingly under $40 – when it wears out, just replace!)  Fill basket 1/2 full for one serving – to the top if you are making one for a friend too.
  4. Add water – same way – 1/2 for one serving, full for two.
  5. Turn on – when coffee starts to come out – about 1/2 of an inch for one serving put your cold milk in metal pitcher and foam.  (I found this for under $15, but there are many options)  I don’t even hold it anymore – I set it on the coffee mug and walk away.
  6. When the foam starts to be visible – switch back to brewing – toward the end switch to steam to clean the steamer.  (During this stage you do have to be present!)
  7. Pour at the same time into cup and enjoy plain or with a little flavor – I usually use vanilla.

What a great gift idea – order the coffee maker, grinder, pitcher through links provided and for less than $75 you have a great gift – that with minor ingredients (coffee and flavor) it keeps on giving every day! Jazz it up with coffee (that I can sell you as a fundraiser!) flavorings or biscotti.  Wish I was getting a commission on the idea.  Enjoy.