A few years ago disaster struck.

Or at least what was how it was described by most residents in our rural community, but in our case, it was “all good.”

The natural disaster – a tornado – ripped the garage off the 1900 home we were renovating.  We had planned for the garage to be one of the last things we would tackle, but with the fortuitous tornado came a new three-car garage!

Someday it may hold three cars or “toys,” but for now the home is still a project and the garage still holds lumber, tools and Christmas lights catching saw dust year after year waiting for their day to shine.

As I ponder the mass destruction that nature can cause, I can only hope that for someone on the East Coast there will be a silver lining like there was for us.  If only I could say the same for the forest fire we experienced a few years earlier…

Have you experienced a natural disaster?  How did you cope?