Last night I watched ADULTS play together….

It was exhilarating to see a stage filled with nearly 90 musicians working in unison to perform pieces from Handel, Elgar, Vaughn Williams and Holst.  I especially enjoyed the gentleman who played the cymbals.  He had white hair (what little was left) and sat on the edge of his chair until the important moment came.  At the precise time, and with youthful determination, he sprung out of his chair and with gusto “CRASH!” Up in the air the cymbals went!  He held them high allowing the full sound to ring out. He also played the tambourine, triangle and bass drum with precision.  A true master of the auxiliary percussionist’s role.

The violins also played with precision; their motion an exact match of the strokes of the string bass player behind them.  Did you ever think how amazing string instruments are?  That rubbing strings together can make such an amazing sound and with the Middleton Community Orchestra holding the bows the sound was intoxicating.

I especially sat back and relaxed when the guest soloist, 26 year-old violinist Naha Greenholtz, the concertmaster of the Madison Symphony Orchestra, played Sonata No 2 in A minor by Ysaye (known as the “The King of the Violin”).  Then the orchestra went straight into A Lark Ascending (1914) by Vaughn Williams conducted by Kyle Knox form the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.  It was wonderful.

The concert concluded with Holst’s The Planets:  Mars, Venus, Uranus and Jupiter.  I felt swept away!  Thanks to The Well-Tempered Ear for letting know us about the concert!  And linked here is the Ear’s review in which they conclude, we must marvel at what Steve Kurr has achieved in building so able an orchestra out of a mix of local talents and limited rehearsal time.”  I agree!