So I have this little assignment – to think about how to use Social Media as a communications strategy in my work setting.  It is not that I am naive about what a person can do – after all I am blogging – but there  is so much to think about.  I also ‘manage’ about 20 other blog style websites at work, but what about the rest of the alphabet soup in the work setting?

“T” is for Twitter, “Fb” for Facebook, “YT” for YouTube, as I note different ways to promote, tell stories, reach out…. webinars, podcasts, on-line videos and educational materials… What is useful, what is not?

How concerned should I be about measuring engagement?  Impact? Acknowledgement?  On Facebook I can hope for shares and comments, not just the quick click on the like button.

How much do we have to stay on message?  What happens when a person’s “personality” comes out through Twitter at work?

Should we harness the power of paid ads / promoting messaging in social media?  Or just put it out there and see what sticks?

Hmmm…  There are so many professionals – how can I possibly look competent by comparison?  I’m trying to learn as much as I can – just  like everyone else you could say. I heard a presentation in the past year by Goal BustersWOW!  They know their stuff – check them out.  today I was reading on mashable.com and found some great  examples and a person repeatedly quoted was Ian Hsu. Another really big WOW!

Anyway, here is some of what I learned today:

What people want  (from Jason Falls, Social Media Speaker, Consultant and Educator at Social Media Explorer):
•     Relevance
•     Links to related material
•     Easy to Share content
•     Ability to comment

Where you should be:
•     Facebook
•     Linked In
•     Twitter
•     WordPress
•     YouTube

What do YOU think?