I’m not selling anything, but I wish I could get a commission on the things I recommend… about 18 months ago I purchased a great knee chair to use at work – only about $80 from Amazon. Since then I know that 7 people also purchased the same chair because I recommended it!  In case you want one too – check it out!

The other item that I know friends have picked up after my recommendation is the Zoom H1 recorder.  If you want to record your kid’s recital, make a recording for an audition or otherwise have great sound quality for just about anything – this is the tool!  There is a nicer one (the H2) that is more than double the price, but the Zoom H1 can get the job done.  It was so easy to use, even I was able to record last year’s school concerts!

Both items would make a great Christmas gift in case you are still shopping!