Watch for the Calico Buffalo or better yet buy it, read it, share it. 

The Calico Buffalo” aims to teach children the importance of diversity, and the tragedy of exclusion, of any kind.

Written by EJ Stapleton, with beautiful illustrations by India Baldwin, The Calico Buffalo is the story of this buffalo nation’s journey for guidance.  A buffalo child born “different” from the rest is initially shunned by the community.  In the end,  the unusual child is accepted but only because the entire community learns tolerance and acceptance.

I learned of this book through my wonderful yoga instructor, Kiro Kopulos, who is also a dancer/choreographer.  He is a long-time friend with the author and will be involved with the choreography in New York in January.  I am so excited for him but equally excited for all of us who love live theater. This moving story will be told on stage with movements that illustrate compassion that I know Kiro will provide (as he does in yoga class as well).

Hear the author’s “musical” story here, including the music beginning at 1:30.

Congratulations to all!