IMG_4160Over 100 years ago my Great Grandma was expecting her fist baby.

The year was 1908.

Knowing the Lutheran faith and traditions of my German ancestors, I think it would be fair to say the most important thing on that young mother’s mind was the baptism of this new baby, even more important than managing his birth.

In May, 1908, the first child to wear this baptismal gown was born, but this photo isn’t the “real deal” – this is a replica lovingly sewn by my sister, with lace specially ordered and a tatted edge painstakingly made by hand.IMG_3360
The original was worn in June 2012, by my sister’s grandchild. Who is the great great grandchild of the original seamstress.  My grandmother wore this gown, my father, myself and my oldest child was about the 50th and there have been several since.   Yes, the dress on the left is 104 years old!  In this photo you can see its length and sense its age.

The replica is the exact dimensions, with perfect tatted trim on the slip edge.  (Click the photos to enlarge for great details!)   IMG_4166The back enclosure is held together exactly as Great Grandma had done – with a safety pin – as you never knew what size baby would need to be lovingly held inside.  IMG_4170

Have you ever tatted?  I certainly would not have the patience!  Nor would I take on the task of recreating such an important family heirloom.  I am blessed to be part of a family of creative types, including those who will sew and tat…

Check out these ornaments I am the proud owner of…. another example of tatting through time.  Thanks sis!   And on the right a close-up of this gorgeous baptismal gown!  Remember to click photo for a closer view.

IMG_2867 IMG_2866 IMG_2865IMG_4168