First, there is something you should know about me.  I do NOT, I repeat, do NOT like sandwiches.

The advent of the panini maker helped me to discover a way to put filling between bread and enjoy it and I will confess to loving a BLT or willingly going to Subway as their bread is fresh and I can direct the quantity of stuff that becomes the stuffing.

However, last night we ventured out to a new neighborhood venue and they created a sandwich that was amazing.  The ordering was fun, the decor bright and best of all my sandwich was to die for!

Where did this sandwich elation occur?  The Which Wich!  Read on to learn more.

Which Wich bag

Over winter break we agreed to try new venues to treat our palate to previously undiscovered tastes.  This was a night for venturing…

Into the brightly lit building we went, where we were greeted by a buoyant young woman welcoming us to an new adventure in sandwich making.  She explained we should select our “protein” or sandwich “category” and then select the appropriate bag to personalize our creation.

Here are the options: categories

I have always enjoyed a Monte Cristo, but never considered it merely a “sandwich” as it is normally deep fried with the bread dipped in egg batter so that the outside is a cocoon of French Toast, but here under classics was an option for a Monte Cristo.  I couldn’t resist.

I took the red Sharpie and marked Monte Cristo; I chose white bread as I couldn’t imagine a wheat version of the traditional Monte Cristo and of course I selected toasted because a sandwich normally deep fried couldn’t possibly be eaten cold!

That was only the beginning.  I had to select a size and then I had to “Work my Wich” and select sauces, mayos, veggies, etc.

work the wichCheck out the bottom of the bag – how could I possibly know what to add to the traditional ingredients of a Monte Cristo (turkey, ham, jelly and powdered sugar were listed)?  Well I knew there was cheese so I selected provolone, but sauces – oh no I couldn’t begin to guess.  Then my eye traveled down the bag to the section labeled veggiesVeggies and More and spied avocado!  I LOVE avocados and I LOVE Monte Cristos – could this be a match for me?  (Maybe a little like the Elvis sandwich of peanut butter, bananas and bacon – all yummy – but together?)  I went for it and WOW – it was to die for!

Here is the traditional Monte Cristo at Which Wich and here is my bag!  Try it!