IMG_4397A  simple and fun craft material that my girls played with for years, Sculpey was the material used to create all kinds of three dimensional objects – tiny little pigs, bears, and cats.  This year the easy to work clay took on a new form and purpose. 

IMG_4396 First the clay colors were mixed to the crafter’s satisfaction and then rolled out flat like dough.

You can do the rolling either with a small plastic rolling pin or a pasta maker.  (Don’t use the pasta maker you have in your kitchen; purchase a small one at your local craft store.)

To get the quotes onto the flat pieces create them on your computer and print them out – careful – you don’t want them to come out backward.  Flip the image over before printing using MS Paint.  (This is the image editor that comes with the windows operating system – simple to use and all that is needed for this low tech project.)

IMG_4395Carefully place the paper image on the piece of uncooked Sculpey ink-side down.  Press the paper onto the Sculpey to ensure that every piece of the image is touching the clay.  We found letting it sit for a while was helpful, or using a spoon to gently press the paper.

Keep the paper ON THE CLAY and bake as usual – 20 minutes in a 275 degree oven.  Gently peel the paper off and there is your image.  For magnets – let cool and stick round craft magnets on the back using super glue.

Wrap, give, feel the love.  ~~~  Remember to click the image to see it larger on your screen!