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Is it just for the moment we live?

Possibly.  What do you think?

I say enjoy each moment to the fullest.  I try to live by that mantra.  So this morning I enjoyed the UW-Artist in Residence, Faisal Abdu’ Allah.  Loved hearing his life story, the background of his work, about adding other senses into an art installation, about including relationships in art – “who do you trust?” he asked – put them in the picture.

Check out his videos, they might give you a little idea of what we enjoyed, although it was up close and personal.

Then tonight I enjoyed the Middleton Community Orchestra.  How thrilling it is to see adults playing for pure joy, to see them come out into the reception area beaming – no different than the teenagers after their successful performances.

What’s next?  Wisconsin Youth Symphony Percussion Extravaganza and Imagine Dragons concert with my daughter – both this Saturday.

So yes – I’m living for the moment – as are the performers.  And what a moment it is!!