I have been experimenting with project management software freebies.  Tonight after an hour playing with freemind I am sold.  And the best part is I am sold on something that is totally FREE and works!

Mindmapping is a way to put order to a lot of information around one topic.  This mindmap “picture” is of a group I work with.  On the left are the resources – people and funds – and on the right are activities or projects.  This view shows everything collapsed:

Center for Financial Security collapsedThe next view is with everything expanded – connecting funds to those who are funded and giving a status on project activities – everything is a green light tonight!

Center for Financial SecurityHave you used a tool like this?  Please comment on what you have used and why you like it.  More to come!


Download freemind here:  http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page